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We are here to share with you

our recipes and traditions:

The usual Italian meal is composed by:

Antipasto (Entree) +

Primo (Soup or Pasta dish) +

Secondo (meat or vegetarian main) +

Contorno (sides) +

Dolce (Desert)

Here are some basic rules to master the

I Eat Italian experience

1. Sii curioso: to be curious is crucial to begin this culinary experience with us as we'll be sharing with you new recipes every month. We will prepare seasonal meals for you to discover new Italian foods.

2 Mangiare e' passione (Eat with passion): to Italian people, to cook is an art and to eat delicious food is a must!

3. Mangiamo insieme (Share the experience): it is part of our culture to prepare fresh meals every day to eat together with our family.

3. Mangia bambino, mangia! (Eat child, eat!) We grow up with our Nonne (Grandmas) telling us to eat... and that's why we learn to eat A LOT since when we are children.  

Damiano e Ilaria I eat Italian

We cook, you eat!